Homeowners, your energy supplier doesn't want to know that you could save up to 70% on your energy bills!

Save up to 70% on electricity!

Earn & save up to £38,000 from your roof!

Get free electricity for a minimum of 20 years

Add value to your property

Reduce your reliance on the national grid

Install the latest solar panel & battery technology

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Why Do You Need The Grid Trade Incentive?

We all know energy prices are consistently on the rise.

This means your energy bills will be too.

Here's where the Grid Trade Incentive comes in, we install the latest solar panel & battery technology on your property to generate and store your energy, we'll then take any surplus energy you don't use and trade it to other people on the national grid, you'll be part of a community that trades energy between each-other at much better rates than your energy supplier.

You Can Save


Annually On Energy Bills

How Do You Know If You Qualify?

Like most things there's a catch or qualification you need to pass. Fortunately with The Grid Trade Incentive there's only a few things;

  • You need to be a UK Homeowner
  • You also need to have suitable space on your roof (Don't worry, we find 92% of roof's in the UK are sufficient for the Grid Trade Incentive)

Should You Wait, Is There Any Rush?

The prices of energy bills are constantly on the rise, by 2025, data shows that an average household could be paying around £1,343 annually on electricity bills.

Applying now ensures you get the best rates, as no one can predict how long these incentives will be around.

Our Customers Love The Grid Trade Incentive.

*Your actual savings will depend on many factors that are subject to change and impossible to predict with certainty. These factors include: the design and performance of your solar PV array, how you use energy in your home, prevailing market and regulatory conditions that affect electricity prices and the accessibility of grid trading services. As an illustration, you could reduce your effective electricity bill by 49%, or £514. These figures are based on a 3-4 bedroom house, using figures provided by Ofgem